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Made By Me Crafts completed


I was approached by Made By Me Crafts when they were in the midst of developing their site themselves using a popular website builder. They'd run into some trouble configuring layout elements (specifically, sizing elements such as images in a uniform manner), were unhappy with the advertising banners being displayed on their site, and their poor site loading speeds.

Having talked with Made By Me Crafts about what they did and did not like about the site they'd begun creating, and discussing the limitations/costs of using the website builder, I advised that we move forward with a fresh development of their site using WordPress. WordPress would not only free them from the additional fees wanted to remove the advertising and speed up their site, but it would allow us the freedom to create the dream website Made By me Crafts were after.

And so, from this:

Made By Me Crafts Before Image Made By Me Crafts Before 2 image

To this:

made by me crafts completed image made by me crafts shop page completed