Client Testimonials


MP Garden Management
Website design and development

I was approached by MP Garden Management with a request to design and build a website for their new business. They wanted a simple flyer-tyle website to give themselves a web presence and advertise the services they provide. They had already had a small flyer designed and I was asked to match the website design to this. They did not want to post their contact details on the internet so a second Contact page was developed so that potential customers could contact them by completing the web-form.

MP Garden Management Website Image

Brilliant Brainz
Website development

I was commisioned by Brilliant Brainz to bring to life their beautifully designed website. To tie in with their magazine for 6-12 year olds, the website design was very colourful. As the client wanted a WordPress site, I first had to develop a custom WordPress theme to match the design as created by their designer.

Brilliant Brainz Website Image

Live Blood Online
Website management and development

I took on the management of Live Blood Online in August 2018. In an ongoing capacity, I am working with them on making improvements to the site to better their SEO performance. The biggest development to date was a complete redesign of their practitioners database. Previously, it was set up in a tabular format that was neither user friendly nor optimised for mobile browsing. The page is totally responsive, and includes live links through to the listed practitioners' own websites as well as their social media pages.

Live Blood Online Website Image