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According to a recent blog post by SEO SiteCheckup, these are the 15 questions you should ask yourself when assessing your site's SEO:

  1. Does any page on my site have multiple H1 tags?
    H1 tags represent the overall topic of the page being viewed, thus more than one H1 tag should not be required. Mutiple H2 tags are fine, however.
  2. Am I using JavaScript for navigation?
    Using JavaScript could lead to cross-platform/cross-browser compatibility problems. You should be using CSS3.
  3. Is there uniformity in my URLs?
    Ideally, your URLs should all be lowercase. URLs in multiple cases can cause duplicate content issues.
  4. How is my website structured?
    Siloed architecture helps you better organise your web pages by topic/categories/themes. This aids visitors when navigating your site as well.
  5. Am I relying on 'thin' content?
    Are you using quality content? Content is measured by its quality, uniqueness, trust, authority and other factors; not by word count.
  6. Am I reusing copy-pasted code?
    Bad code leads to a slow website which negatively affects your search engine rankings.
  7. Do I have an XML sitemap?
    Even if you have an XML sitemap, when was it last updated? XML sitemaps improve the crawlability of your website.
  8. Is my website responsive?
    Responsive web design means your website will work equally well on any screen size (mobile, tablet or desktop). The majority of web browsing is now done on a mobile phone so a responsive site is vital.
  9. Is Robots.txt blocking JavaScript or CSS?
  10. Am I repeating a certain anchor text?
    Overuse of anchor text can appear spammy and as a result  lead to a search engine penalty.
  11. Am I using canonical tags?
    Canonicalization tags on your website show Google the preferred source of content. This is especially important if your republish your website content on other platforms (e.g. LinkedIn).
  12. Are images slowing down my site?
    Make sure all images you are using have been optimised for the web to prevent them from affecting your page loading speeds.
  13. Am I missing any meta tags?
    Meta tags (and meta descriptions) have a noticeable impact on your website. Every page should have them.
  14. Am I targeting important keyword phrases?
    Include important keywords and keyword phrases that you want to rank for, but make sure you don't over-optimise.
  15. Is my website secure?
    Search engines are focusing on safe and secure websites (HTTPS). More and more browsers are now serving warnings if you visit an insecure site. Make sure you have migrated from HTTP to HTTPS and that your website is 100% safe to visit.

If you have answered no to (or are unsure on) any of the questions above, get in touch with me today and sign up to one of my Website Management Plans. I can run regular SEO analysis on your website, advise you on where improvements can be made and then implement agreed developments.